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In legend it is said the Gods were surrounded by darkness, their parents Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) held onto one another in an eternal embrace with their children cramped and restricted between them.

The Gods wanting freedom from their dark, cramped existence tried to push their parents apart however, they could not release the sinews binding their bodies together.

To aid them in separating their parents they created two great axes to cut away the bindings, they were Te Awhiorangi, (The Encircling Sky) and Te Whironui (Great Red Sky).

With their new tools they were able to cut through the obstacles stopping their progress separating the earth and sky and opening the world to light and freedom.

Toki Rua (Two Axes) builds on this theme using the latest technology to overcome creative barriers and help clients realise their potential and unique identities through innovative brand solutions.

Toki Rua has taken 10 years to finally realise its identity and potential. Founders Tamati Ihaka and Charlie Daniel have spent the last ten years learning their trade skills and finally have brought them together to offer a service to our potential and existing customers creating Branding Solutions, and Innovative Polynesian Influenced Design for Film, Television and Print

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