The Business Network


The Network is a group of like-minded business people who have come together from all around the world to provide top class services to others and have an incredible amount of fun doing it. Fun is contagious and spills over to our clients.

Dragon Riders

COME RIDE WITH US ON A JOURNEY INTO THE UNKNOWN A place where your business is free to actualize its

Glenfield Tax Accountants

Do you want to spend the least amount of time possible doing your accounts and pay no more for the p

Company Launchpad

Are you looking for easy to understand answers to your questions? Have you just started or are you a

Go Websites Go

Go Websites Go takes the internet back to its roots. An exciting place where you and your business h

Tax Debt Solutions

Do you have Tax Problems resulting from TAX DEBT and need TAX HELP? We take the stress out of dealin

Glenfield Auto Centre

Welcome to Glenfield AutoCentre – Your ONE STOP Automotive Service Centre. We pride ourselves

Whanau Marama

We are an organisation that believes great things can be accomplished through unity and co-operation

Tokirua Movie Studios

In legend it is said the Gods were surrounded by darkness, their parents Ranginui (Sky Father) and P