Opportunity Creators in Action

The developed world seems to have an unfair advantage by being able to buy cheap goods from developing countries often at the expense of the poor. We have discovered that, while we cannot change the way the world works in this particular respect and at this particular point in time, we can turn it upside down, by donating back to third world countries for the establishment of carefully chosen projects. Relatively small amounts in $NZ can turn into huge funds in Third World countries.

To our amazement we have been able to achieve the following over the last two years:

1. In partnership with World Vision open a bank in Cambodia providing theopportunity for people rejected by traditional banks to borrow money to start their own businesses…..More

2. In partnership with World Vision open a bank in Mongolia providing the same opportunity as above…..More

3. Purchase land in Indonesia planted with coconut trees and rubber trees. All profit from these trees is used to enable children who would otherwise not have the opportunity, to go to intermediate school. The parents of these children work on the land in their spare time when needed and all money from the sale of the produce goes directly to the school…..More

These projects have provided opportunities that have set off a never ending chain reaction of possibilities resulting in a multitude of fresh dreams and their fulfillment for thousands of men women and children.

All these projects once started are self funded and are ‘hands off’ by us. We donate the money and the recipients dream the dreams. Once donated we have no control. The recipients are not given the money but are only able to borrow the money with interest and so the fulfillment of their dreams come about by their own hard work. When the money and the interest are paid back it is leant to others and the cycle repeats itself. This is perpetual motion.

Similarly with the land. Each year the income from the land will increase enabling more and more children to attend school. Once they leave school other children are able to take their place. Only children, whose parents are willing to work on the land free, receive the opportunity to go to school. Once again the result is that the dreams of the parents and the children are fulfilled by their own hard work. The amazing thing about Indonesia is that this donated land is held in trust by the community and by law will never be able to be sold.

We are amazed and humbled that as a business with only 9 employees we can make so much possible.

Further information on the above:

Vision Fund Cambodia Micro-Finance Service to Small Business Owners


Samrong Tong Cambodia

Glenfield Tax Accountants donates funds to its own World Vision Community Banks. The money donated to these community banks is lent as small loans to groups of the poorest small business operators who have no way of ever getting a loan from a traditional bank. They use the loan to either start their business or expand them. Glenfield Tax Accountants first community bank is established in Samrong Tong Cambodia.

The operation is self-funding. Interest is charged. This interest is used to pay a local person to administer the fund. Those in the group cross guarantee each others loans, self-selected members, elect leaders, and provide mutual encouragement and accountability. When one loan is repaid the person is allowed to take out a larger loan if desired.

When repaid, the money is re-lent to others meaning that over a long period of time THE SAME MONEY IS REPEATEDLY BENEFITING DIFFERENT PEOPLE. The interest pays the wages for one of the group to administer the operation. There is also a facility to take out life insurance and insurance against natural disasters ensuring that the loans are repaid should such things occur.

Through this community, 4200 people’s lives are enriched either directly or indirectly.

Vision Fund Mongolia- Our Second Community Bank


Uvurkhangai Mongolia

Glenfield Tax Accountants has recently donated funds to establish its second World Vision Community Bank this time in Mongolia in the region of Uvurkhangai. More than 70% of Mongolians earn less than NZ$2 per day. As in Cambodia the funds donated to this bank provide ongoing business training and small loans to a group of entrepreneurial poor, benefiting the economy of their whole community. These people would not qualify to get a loan from a normal bank.