Octopus Truths

Octopus Truths

Business Truths from the Octopus

Octopi are amazing creatures. There are a lot of things we can learn from them. They have been around conducting their business long before mammals appeared on the evolutionary tree. Opportunity Creators Unlimited takes it cues from the Octopus.

Lesson 1: If you want to be around for a long time then you had better be able to handle change. We live in an age of unprecedented change. Octopuses know all about change. They have learnt the skills of survival in all situations. They are masters of survival. They have learnt how to handle changes and adapt to them so effectively and so swiftly that they are found in all the oceans of the world from the Antarctic to the Tropics – from shallow pools to the fathomless depths. Many species throughout the history of the world have adapted to a particular environment and when that environment has changed they have become extinct. How does the octopus do it? They have developed a very short lifespan. If you want your business to survive then you had better be in tune with the environment and regularly spawn a new generation to handle whatever comes your way. Let the old generation of dreams and ideas die that the new generation might live.

Lesson 2: Octopi come equipped with their own jet propulsion. They can be in one place at one moment and another place the next.

Lesson 3: Flexibility and speed! The octopus has shed its rigid skeletal structure. It has no skeleton. Because of this it can change its shape and escape through very small holes when caught in a tight corner. It seems to be able to go anywhere. And it seems to be able to do this at great speed. It comes equipped with its own jet propulsion- now you see it- now you don’t. They can change colour faster than a chameleon through specialized skin cells and disappear in a cloud of black ink.

Lesson 4: Localized brain power and effortless co-ordination. There is an incredible amount of autonomy of its body parts. Each of it arms has its own “brain”. Only one third of its neurons are in the brain of its head. The arms can individually exercise their own creativity and initiative. There is no top down hierarchy. What a way to conduct the business of life. This is a win/win strategy in action. The business of the future gives it members a large amount of autonomy. This ensures the health of the organism and its long term survival.