Chrysalis Factor


The stages of growth in the life of a butterfly give us an awe-inspiring visual imagery of what happens on our journey of personal growth.

The stage of transformation takes place in the chrysalis. There is always some part of our life that is undergoing transformation. In the initial stage of a caterpillar becoming a chrysalis it excretes digestive juices which destroy most of its body leaving only a few cells intact- these remaining cells begin the growth of the adult using the nutrients from the broken down body of the caterpillar. So there is cell death and cell regrowth. The brain of the ‘once was a caterpillar’ secretes a hormone that induces metamorphosis. This involves a change in the animals structure through cell growth, rapid growth spurts and differentiation. It is a scary thing to move out of your comfort zone. But it is  a wonderful experience to let our existence at any given point in time be ‘broken down’ and then use the nutrients created to invent another existence (to re-invent ourselves) and climb out of our chrysalis to fly away where we have never been before. What a privilege to be given a life where we can do this over and over again in different areas of our lives.