About Us

The short version

We are a group of people who, having recognized we have power beyond our imagination to do so want to make an ongoing positive life changing contribution to the world.

The long version

Opportunity Creators Limited is a business dedicated to creating opportunities for others in order to facilitate the actualization of possibilities that would otherwise not be visible or accessible and hence not be realized. Opportunity Creators Limited either creates the opportunities itself or creates other businesses that embrace this philosophy as a driving force. Opportunity Creators Limited also works with other Associates and Associate Businesses that embrace the same philosophy. The motivation behind this is to play a part in making this a better and more exciting world to live in.

Opportunity Creators are firstly persons (but not limited to persons) who marvel at the wonderful universe of infinite possibilities that we live in. People who see possibilities everywhere they look. Secondly Opportunity Creators are acutely aware that the possibilities are not always accessible without an opportunity being presented. Thirdly for various reasons some people find themselves in situations where they simply do not have access to the opportunities that others have. Fourthly it is a natural human ability to activate endless possibilities for others. We are all in our natural state, designed to be opportunity creators for others so that they can enjoy the mind blowing possibilities of our fantastic universe to the maximum.

The ultimate opportunity creator

The ultimate example of an opportunity creator is the humble honey bee. As the honey bee just goes about its daily life it creates opportunities for others wherever it goes. It activates endless possibilities. It gives more than it takes and sets off a chain reaction of possibilities. As the bee collects nectar for its hive it pollinates the flowers that provide the nectar. Each flower can then become a fruit that will provide food for others or fall on the ground and become a great tree that then produces more nectar for the bee and more fruit to become more trees. In collecting nectar for itself the bee’s actions result in the production of more nectar than that bee or its hive could ever need or use. We are all bees by nature capable of creating opportunities that activate possibilities for others allowing for them to live richer lives than otherwise would have been conceivable.

Always at the right place at the right time!

No-one has discovered how the bee does it. It seems to have some built in radar. At the precise moment in time when a plant begins to produce nectar the bees will be there. Like the musical notes in a beautiful symphony they are so in tune with the other members of their environment they are always in the right place at the right time to bring pleasure to their audience of plants. Although we may not see it, we are bees, always at the right place at the right time. We each have the power within ourselves to create opportunities for others as we go about our daily lives, allowing them to tap into the universe of infinite possibilities.